Friday, 3 June 2016

Jonas 2016 is complete!

The HTC trip to the Jonas Centre is over for another year. As always, the time has gone incredibly quickly and, as always, a huge amount of work has been done around the centre. Simon always provides an ambitious job list, and we were very pleased to have achieved 29/32 of the tasks that were set. This included weeding, fixing electricals and kitchen worktops, building new fencing for the playground, filling potholes, removing piles of wood (most of which went on the bonfire!) and replacing gates. Painting deserves a list of its own, with walls, fence posts, sheds, post boxes and phone boxes all receiving new coats. Sadly one of the jobs on the list, “Acquire a Shetland Pony”, couldn’t be done this time, but we look forward to seeing the new inhabitant of the centre on our next visit. The team were brilliant, with a great mix of old hands and new faces all getting on really well. The children were also fantastic, with everyone working cheerfully at some point or another (the rock-moving chain gang and pot-holing teams were particularly impressive). The walk to Redmire Falls on Thursday morning showed how well everyone had bonded as everyone happily walked together and helped each other over the trickier sections of terrain.


We are of course very thankful to Simon, Jo-Ann and the boys for the welcome and encouragement they give us and it is a pleasure to spend time and fellowship with them. We are also very grateful for all the support (and often well-placed advice!) from the staff at the centre. Our thanks also go to Debbie, Ed, Jo-Ann and their catering team for feeding us magnificently during our time at the centre, and to Sarah, Harry and Patricia for organising our times of prayer and music.


Cabins have been booked for the next Jonas Centre trip in May 2017. We hope to see you there!

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